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What value will your organization create? And how will you capture some of that value for yourself? At Validity we believe that a strategy explains how an organization, faced with competition, will achieve superior performance by choosing a path different than others. Most importantly, we emphasize continuity of strategy which improves an organization’s ability to adapt and innovate.

Validity’s strategy experts help to identify the truth behind any strategic challenge and drive innovative solutions that deliver purposeful results.

Innovation- Inspiring our clients to live a culture of innovation by balancing intuitive thinking and analytical thinking to transform your company’s ability to create a unique value.

Sociability- Companies are communities, with dynamic presences. Validity inspires companies to integrate the value a company creates with the social needs of communities as a method for sustainable growth and purposeful results.

Business Unit Strategy- The Business Unit, and not the company overall, is the true core of strategy development. Performance is meaningfully measured only on a business-by-business basis because that is where competition occurs and competitive advantage is gained. The goal is to bring about maximum profitability and impact

 Corporate Strategy- The corporate strategy is the business logic of a multiple business company. Overall corporate return in a diversified cooperation is the sum of returns of each of its business units. While the Corporate Strategy can contribute to performance, the purpose it exists is to enhance the competitive advantage of its multiple business units.

Managing Growth- The majority of companies do not succeed in sustaining growth. We inspire companies to achieve continued growth through clarity of purpose.

Developed Markets- North America & Western Europe are deemed to be the land of opportunity to a lot of emerging companies around the globe, but are highly regulated markets for new entrants. Validity inspires those companies follow a clear path by uncovering a purpose for their organization that allows them to create a global legacy in their industry.

Emerging markets- Emerging markets in Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and  Eastern Europe have the maximum potential for growth, yet contain the maximum amount of volatility. Companies are eager to benefit from that growth. Validity inspires those companies to achieve purposeful results that make a difference in these treacherous markets.