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Manufacturing-  Producing high quality and cost efficient products is a balance that a lot of companies seek to have a global product with value. Validity inspires strategic decisions that allow a culture of innovation in thought, management, design, scheduling, sourcing, production, and quality control while focusing on addressing the main drivers for superior value.

Supply Chain Management- Supply Chain is a major driver of your products’ cost and value to the customer. Validity inspires new ways of inventory management, shorter product cycles, industry consolidation, and use of technology in what we identify as incremental innovation.  Our priority is driving performance in planning supply, manufacturing, and distribution networks.

Sourcing- Sourcing for sustainability is to gain a lean innovative business model, with one of its attributes being cost cutting. Validity inspires an open business model to create and capture value by systematically collaborating with outside partners to make the best use of internal and external ideas, services, R&D, expertise, human resources, and intellectual property.

 Performance & Process Improvement- Performance and process improvement is an ongoing challenge that companies face and can’t stop in a dynamic environment. Validity inspires a culture of constant analysis of customer needs and behavior, market offerings, costs and how to utilize the most innovative approach to connect all these variables to deliver an impact in your industry.

 Doing more with less- This process isn’t really about cost cutting; it is about re-featuring. Re-featuring your offerings requires understanding the thresholds and tradeoffs that deliver the most value to the customer and meet your costs. Validity inspires an internal culture of being unique, reflecting a different mindset  and a different way of thinking within the organization that accomplishes more with less.

Service Transformation- Service requires more than just aptitude or ability. It involves wholehearted, passionate resolve that embodies the attitude of mind and spirit. It is this that captures hearts, because people ultimately remember how they feel in a transaction, rather than the actual transaction itself for both internal and external customers. Validity inspires teams to translate passion into tailored solutions that fulfill the needs of market segments being served.

 R&D- Creating innovation hinges on research and development (R&D). A key challenge companies face every day in R&D is maintaining a balance between process and product innovations. Process innovations tend to involve a business model which may develop investor satisfaction through improved efficiencies while product innovations develop customer support however at the risk of costly R&D that can erode investor return. Validity inspires companies to rely on different forms of R&D described as the result of some amount of time and effort into researching an idea, plus some larger amount of time and effort into developing this idea, plus some very large amount of time and effort into commercializing this idea into a marketplace with customers.