Marketing & Sales Strategy

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Companies that lack a holistic view to marketing and sales don’t benefit from their total aggregated value. In today’s fast paced market where customers and consumers are more aware of their needs and purchasing decisions, organizations need to innovate on how they market to their customers and consumers. Innovative marketing does not gain its true value if the entire organization is not delivering and living the message being positioned. That does not just include sales or customer service. At Validity not only do we inspire innovative marketing insights and strategies but integrate them with sales strategies.

Defining the Customer- We inspire clients to define customers’ true needs, as the customers dream and even before they realize a need they have. We inspire them to develop a target market that is aligned with the company’s purpose.

Marketing & Brand Strategy- Aligning your marketing and brand strategy with the business unit and corporate strategy is important to receive the best return on your investment. We inspire companies to deliver a unique brand that thrives on innovation and to create sustainable value.

Value Creation- We inspire clients that there is nothing inherent in the industry- whether it is high tech or not, whether it is service or manufacturing, and that the only constant is innovation. Our focus is on creating superior value for the chosen customers, not on imitating and matching rivals.

Pricing- We inspire companies to create more buyer value to raise profitability, through differentiation in cost as well as price with a focus on tracking down the major drivers for profitability.

Sales Channels- The channels through which products or services are delivered can be as important as the end users, especially when it influences the purchasing decisions of the end customers. We inspire companies on identifying solutions that create purposeful results.

Service Excellence- The spirit of infectious and passionate service is better caught than it is taught. Validity inspires companies to root service excellence internally within their organizations to transpire through the entire organization onto its customers at all service touch points.